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Back office integration service

This page is for Professional Financial Advisers only

Key relationships with back office providers

Over the last 15 years we've been working with a variety of back office providers to develop new functionality and continue to streamline the investment industry.

We understand the importance of simplifying your day-to-day administration and depending on your chosen back office provider we are able to automate the following tasks:

  • Update all your clients valuations in one go
  • Real time valuations
  • Transaction history
  • Fees and commission reconciliation
  • Application form pre-population
  • Seamless trading from your back office
  • Client portals including robo-advice – a branded online advice journey for clients to assess their risk appetite and choose funds to invest in online - either placing the trade themselves or through their adviser.

The benefits of back office integration

Streamline your businesses through the use of automated data feeds – valuations, transactions, fees and commission

  • Save time by reducing the need to research and re-key client data - so decreased error rates and less exposure to risk
  • Reduce the administration workload and increase efficiency in maintaining client and investment data
  • Enhanced data available for reporting to help strengthen client engagement
  • Assists in provision of an accurate audit trail to help meet compliance and HMRC reporting requirements.

Further increase efficiencies where automated trading is available through your back office technology

  • Save time and cut costs by not needing to re-key trade applications onto the Cofunds website
  • Reduce the number of errors and minimise the threat of rejects and referrals through automation duplicate of re-keying
  • Consistent reflection of data recorded from the advice process in the back office through to what is actually transacted and settled on Cofunds
  • Accurate audit trail to meet compliance reporting requirements and help minimise exposure to risk.

Engage with clients using an online portal

  • Enables a cost efficient service for clients who cannot afford fees or are unwilling to pay fees
  • A mechanism to cost efficiently serve low value clients for which providing a full service cannot be economically justified
  • Retain and keep low value clients engaged until such a time they are more suited to a full advice service.

Cofunds platform consulting

Our team of trained Platform Consultants will be happy to support you in getting the most out of your back office software, including integration set-up, training on Cofunds integration with your chosen provider and any ongoing support required.

If you are interested in setting up back office integration or require any ongoing support, please contact our platform consultancy team on

Take a look at a full list of back office systems that we integrate with.

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