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Consolidation service

This page is for Professional Financial Advisers only

Get the most out of the Cofunds platform by consolidating your clients' investments into one place. This leads to greater control for you and your clients.

The key benefits of consolidating with Cofunds include:

  • Easy switching for your clients between funds
  • Access to online portfolio valuations providing a quick, print-friendly, consolidated view of your clients' investments reducing your administration overhead
  • Access to portfolio planning and analysis tools to help you keep track of your clients' investments and rebalance at the touch of a button.

Easy re-registration

For clients who wish to retain their existing funds, the Cofunds re-registration service enables simple transfers without the need to sell and buy back their holdings. This avoids any initial charges and any potential risks from being out of the market. If a client has a fund that we don’t have available on the Cofunds platform, the fund can’t be transferred to Cofunds. Transfers can be monitored using our Transfer Tracker tool.

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